???????? Solution to "I can't recruit" excuse.. ????

February 2, 2023 United States, Connecticut, Bridgeport 13


This message is for all of you who have a difficult time getting recruits for your business opportunity.

Good news…

My wife, (Linda), and I tested out a new lead generation service we found this week.

So far, in just a couple of days, I have 7 new LiveGood pre-enrollees and Linda has 4 from this service.


Currently we are testing it out for LiveGood and our LiveGood team members but you can use this lead generation service for anything you want to promote.


It costs only $10 to send your business opportunity website url to 2,000 prospects. 

Imagine how fast your entire team could explode if you placed an ad every month and encouraged your downline to place an ad every month?!!!


This could be the answer to the recurring problem of not being able to recruit.

Another great advantage to this service… They have professional ad copy writers who will write a catchy title for you, as well as a pulling ad, to entice visitors to click on your link.  That is all included in your $10!!!


I don’t think you can find a better deal anywhere so give it a try.  Sign up here 


IMPORTANT:  When you fill out the form, you will be asked where you heard about this service.  Please enter Roger Pepin in that box on the form.  Thanks very much,

Kind Regards

Roger Pepin


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