February 10, 2024 Spain, Valencia, La Almeza Partida Colina Del Sol 52b 17


I would like to reflect on how this has changed my life.
I joined with the intention of going on the occasional cruise,test
it out see if it is the sort of holiday that I would like.

I pay 100 dollars a month which the Company credits me with double which is 200 reward points equivalent to 200 dollars.
That I can then use toward 50% the price of a Cruise, Hotel stay or Resort stay.
That is basically giving a reduction of 25 percent, that's great,I have had a cruise in September, October, November,
December and January and will be having another 1 in March.

On the business side I am allowed to build my business by Network
Marketing, this is basically telling other people about the business
how it works etc. This is Network Marketing it is not a get rich
quick scheme, in fact it takes a long time to build up a successful
network of like minded people.

Being involved in many programs like this I can tell you it is not
easy, most people that are successful in Network Marketing start their business off part-time, they build and build until they are in a financial position to go full-time.

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