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February 26, 2024 United States, Florida, Clearwater 2287 Philippine Drive Apt 53 1444


Less than $10 a month starts your international business.

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Against All Odds GotBackup has all the ingredients of being a vehicle for success for ANYONE to create Massive success for themselves.


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GotBackup solves all the problems of Network Marketing:


1. Attrition problem solved... With their unique Loyalty Program you never have to recruit anyone!


2. High Cost problem solved... with their very affordable pricing


3. Too Many Products problem solved... with the 1 All-In-One product policy.. People LOVE building their email lists fast


4. Complication problem solved... with their Simple Compensation Plan and very simple to use product


5. Poor Management problem solved... with their combined over 100 years experience of running successful companies


6. Disloyalty to Distributors problem solved... with their Smart Contracts that will protect Distributors 


7. Program Changes problem solved... with their policy of never changing product formula or compensation plan


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GotBackup has ALL the ingredients of a MASS APPEAL opportunity...


1. Life-Changing Multiple-Benefits All-In-One Product

2. Low Cost To Enter and Stay Active (just $9.97/month)

3. 200% direct compensation and 25% matching check for 75% total payout

4. Loyalty Profit Sharing

5. Guaranteed Income Program

6. Digital product, no shipping, no handling and top 75% commissions

7. Owned and Operated by highly experienced Networkers

8. One Product Company

9. Simple Comp Plan

10. Simple Opportunity

11. Uplifting Company Culture

12. Designed To Create A Movement With Millions Of People!


Quite simply Wealth Generation Made Simple.


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Frank Encarnacion



Phone: 3343547125

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