It's Your Data – You Should Get Paid for It

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May 24, 2024 United States, Michigan, Saginaw 7700 McCarty Rd 49


Have you ever wondered how Google, Facebook, and Twitter made much of their billions? They took data voluntarily given them by their users, segmented it, and monetized it. I use each of those sites. I don't remember getting a check in the mail for my data they used to make their money. Did you receive a check?   Like practically everyone, I'm sure you have a cell phone and on that cell phone I'm sure you run multiple Apps. But, did you ever REALLY pay attention to the terms you agree to when you installed that App? I venture to guess that many, if not most, of those Apps are collecting data on their use. Those App owners are subsequently monetizing that data. Are you enjoying cashing the check they send you each month for your data? You're not getting a check? I didn't think so.   Tapestri is turning this model on its head. Tapestri's motto is:   It's your data. You should get paid for it.   By simply downloading and installing the  Tapestri App and setting your location data to "always", you can begin to make money just by having a cell phone with you when you go places and "checking in" at those locations.   Tapestri runs totally in the background. When you set your location data to "always", you don't even have to have the App open to earn.  Tapestri will pay you month, after month, after month. The more you use it, the more you can potentially earn each month up to $25.   But, the real power with Tapestri is in the affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate, for each person who downloads the no-cost Tapestri App using your link and qualifies by setting their location data to "always", you will receive $1 per month. For each person your referrals refer who download the no-cost Tapestri App from their link and qualify by setting their location data to always, you will receive $1 per month.   That income reoccurs month, after month, after month as long as users continue to qualify. It is truly a powerful program.  

Download the Tapestri App here.

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